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Dandy Lion Press' rate schedule for business cards
100 cards200 cards300 cards400 cards500 cards 600 cards700 cards800 cards900 cards1000 cards
1 run $190.00$230.00$280.00$310.00$350.00 $390.00$430.00$470.00$510.00$550.00
2 runs $290.00$330.00$380.00$410.00$450.00 $490.00$530.00$570.00$610.00$650.00
3 runs $390.00$430.00$480.00$510.00$550.00 $590.00$630.00$670.00$710.00$750.00
4 runs $490.00$530.00$580.00$610.00$650.00 $690.00$730.00$770.00$810.00$850.00
order cards Please Note: A press run is equal to one color, one side.

Prices include our house papers:
Rives BFK (280 gsm Cover) tan, textured, cottony card stock
Cranes Lettra (300 gsm Cover), white or off white, textured, cottony cardstock
Classic Crest (100lbs Cover), white or natural white, smooth, stiff card stock

If you wish to provide your own design for a standard sized business card, 2 x 3.5 inches, it must be an Adobe Illustrator pdf file with the text Outlined, any bleeds a quater of an inch, and everything in 100% black. If you have questions about these requirements, please contact us. If you need help with the layout or design of your file the charge is $50.00 per hour.

For Custom Hand Drawn Illustrations or Logo Design the fee is $500.00. This includes the initial client consultation and 3 rounds of proofs. Any additional proofs after that are $35.00 each. The finished product will be a final design in vector graphic form, which it to say scalable and usable not only for your business cards, but also transferable for all sorts of other uses such as letterhead, envelopes,labels etc.

The Fine Print:

  • 50% of the job's fee is due at the start of the job, the second 50% is due upon completion.
  • The turn around time is three weeks from the approval of the final proof.
  • The customer is responsible for carefully checking proofs and correcting any spelling errors or typos etc.
  • Once the plates are made and the job goes to press there are no cancellations, if you cancel the job before then you will be charged a cancellation fee of $90.00.
  • Due to letterpress process, where in type is impressed into the paper, text and lines will appear slightly thicker than they do in computer printout of the proof. Also inherent in the process are subtle variations in each print. This is part of letterpress's charm and shows that each piece was individually hand made and hand printed.

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